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How Much Does it Cost to Move?

You’re moving! Moving usually signifies the beginning of a new, exciting chapter. Yet, it can also muster up several questions about the moving process in general. Whether you’ve just starting the process or you’ve already settled on a new home, you probably have the question: How much will it cost to move?

There is no set answer here. When moving, there are numerous factors to consider. Thinking beyond the immediate costs of movers and truck rentals, there’s also larger costs to keep in mind. While transporting your belongings is a cost in itself, be sure to also include the difference in cost of living, installation fees, and any other fees that might arise.

Expenses for Moving - Denton, TexasCosts To Consider
Regardless if you’re moving across town or to a different state, hiring professional movers may make the overall process less overwhelming. Local moves, relocating homes in the same city or state, are the most common and moving companies typically charge an hourly rate for two movers and a truck. Of course, the more stuff and the larger your home, the more you’ll pay. The actual time it will take to move varies greatly, but the following general timelines can help you begin a rough estimate.

  • One bedroom home takes about 2-3 hours
  • Two bedroom home takes about 3-5 hours
  • Three to Four bedroom home take about 7 hours
  • Five or more bedroom home can take up to 8 to 10 hours

Keep in mind that the amount of furniture, boxes, fragile items, building accessibility, and distance can all contribute to the total move time.

Long-Distance Moves
Moving across the country is a lot more complex and come with different costs. If you’re hiring movers for a cross-country move, you’ll likely be charged according to weight and distance. Once they pack the truck with your belongings, they’ll weigh the loaded truck to determine the fee. They’ll also add a cost per mile according to how far your belongings have to be transported. You may not know exactly how much all of your belongings weigh, but any moving company should be able to provide you with an estimate to help you prepare.

Other Expenses
Truck Rentals: Hiring movers is not the only path you can take. You can take the do-it-yourself approach, rent a truck and do all of the loading/unloading yourself. While this is the most cost-efficient way to do things, it also involves a lot of heavy lifting and can be straining. Lift with your legs!

Supplies: All of a sudden you’re ready to start packing when you realize, you need supplies! Boxing, packing tape, bubble wrap, plastic containers, etc. These items can seem small, but when you’re packing up your entire home, you’ll find you have a lot more stuff to pack away then you initially thought. You can save money on cardboard boxes by asking local retail stores for large cardboard boxes they plan on recycling. You can also buy in bulk to reduce cost.

Storage: Moving into a smaller place? Moving out before you can move in? There are so many different scenarios where the use of a storage unit is necessary. Size and convenience can determine how much temporary storage could cost you.

Start-up fees: When moving into a new home, you’ll have to transfer over all of your utilities, WiFi, cable, etc. and they typically charge a fee. Take these factors into consideration when you’re crunching numbers.

It’s always best to plan ahead and not rush a move. Make sure to have all of your belongings packed, labeled, and ready-to-go for the movers. The quicker you’re out of your old home, the less you’ll pay.

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